We all love our furry feline family members. The great thing about them is that each has their own personality and unique character that makes them stand out in pride.


What is the Best Cat Litter? Choosing the best cat litter for your cat can be a difficult choice simply because there are so many options available. Your preferences combined with your cat’s preferences will determine what the best cat litter is for you.
This unique product is made from the insoluble parts of a soybean, which is found in soymilk production. Normally these insoluble parts are disposed of in a landfill site, but Kit Cat have a created a new and innovative product using this ‘wasted’ material, making it the ultimate Eco-Friendly Cat Litter.


Kit Cat SOYACLUMP can absorb moisture up to 3 times more than traditional clay and crystal litters.


With an instant clumping formula and fast absorption rate, your cat’s litter tray is protected from the build-up toxic ammonia and urine odour.


Kit Cat SOYACLUMP is flushable, light and easy to scoop and as it is produced from food grade natural soybeans, it contains no synthetic chemicals or dyes making it safe for kittens, cats and yourself.


Product feature points:


Quick Clumping
Eco Friendly
Scoop & Flush
Virtually 99,9% Dust Free
Non Toxic & 100% Safe
Odour Control
Suitable for All Life Stages
Soft & Gentle on Paws
No Tracking

Soya Clump Original

Soya Clump Peach

Soya Clump Green Tea

Soya Clump Charcoal

Soya Clump Coffee

Soya Clump Strawberry


Silica Gel or Crystal Cat Litter, continues to grow in popularity largely due to its ability to absorb large amounts of liquid and control odours. Kit Cat Classic Crystal Cat Litter has all the benefits of a Silica-based litter with added indicator crystals that tell you when the product needs changing. Made of pure silica sand, Kit Cat Classic Crystal Cat Litter is 100% natural – extremely absorbent – odour-absorbing and dust-free. It’s unique shape prevents tracking and without chemical additives, it is an eco-friendly product and 100% biodegradable.


Product feature points:


Easy to use
Low Maintenance
Light Weight
Naturally Biodegradable
High absorbency
Maximum Odour Control

Classic Crystal Apple

Classic Crystal Baby Powder

Classic Crystal Charcoal

Classic Crystal Cherry Blossom

Classic Crystal Coffee

Classic Crystal Green Tea

Classic Crystal Lavender

Classic Crystal Lemon

Classic Crystal Mix Berries

Classic Crystal White Peach



Finally a crystal litter that clumps! If you prefer a crystal litter but like the idea of clumping litter, then Kit Cat Crystal Clump litter is ideal for you. The instant clumping crystal stays clean longer and gives off a fresher scent and adds a touch of colour to your cats litter box. Kit Cat Crystal Clump comes in the form of silica gel and is super lightweight, dust-free and is incredibly soft and gentle on your cat's paws, making it perfect for kittens. Kit Cat Crystal Clump also has a high absorption rate and effective odour control. It's extremely low maintenance - simply remove the clumps and the rest of the litter stays clean – you save on the amount of litter used as well as time to refill and clean your cats litter box. Kit Cat Crystal Clump is approved by even the pickiest of pet owners and cats.


Product feature points:


100% Non-Toxic & Safe
Anti-static and Dust Free
Maximum Odour Control
Soft and Gentle on Paws
Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic
Instant Clumping and 200% Super Absorbent
No Added Chemicals
Bag has a convenient handle for easy use

Crystal Clump Cotton Candy

Classic Crystal Frosted Lime

Classic Crystal Lavender Meadow

Classic Crystal Mystic Rainforest

Classic Crystal Pink Vanilla

Classic Crystal Sparkling Charcoal

Classic Crystal Summer Sky


Most litters are made of absorbent clay, which works very well considering that when ground to powder form, clay has a remarkable ability to absorb waste and neutralize odour. Regal Ultra Clumping Clay Litter is made up from the finest sodium bentonite. The main difference between this and calcium bentonite is that sodium bentonite clumps together when it comes into contact with moisture. It also binds the moisture within the clump so it can be easily scooped out, leaving behind a box of clean litter. Regal Ultra Clumping Clay Litter is your cat’s natural choice with its natural colour and earthen aroma satisfying your cats instincts.


Product feature points:


A little goes a long way
Instant Horizontal Clumps
No Crumbling
Highly Economical
Unbeatable Odour Control
99% Dust Free

Clumping clay litter