Keep your pup safe, and your seats clean, with the PupShield Hammock. This doggy seat protector keeps your dog safely in the back seat during drives while protecting sets from hair and muddy paws!


Explore new ground with Outward Hound Gear! Our high-quality performance gear will keep your pup safely equipped for every new adventure!




Made with sturdy water resistant material to protect seats
Prevents dogs from falling between seats
Creates a barrier to deter your dog from climbing up front
Hook and loop seal allows an opening for backseat passenger
Adjustable straps fit most cars, vans & SUVs
Product dimensions: 140cm L x 140cm W


PupShield Hammock


The Pet Gear Pet Ramp allows your dog easy access into your vehicle or other hard to reach places. The tread is skid-resistant even when wet to keep your pet steady. The bottom of the ramp has rubber grips to maintain its position. These lightweight ramps fold for easy transport and storage and have a carry handle.

Weight 3,18kg | Capacity 90kg

Weight 3,18kg | Capacity 90kg

Weight 3,18kg | Capacity 90kg

Weight 6,8kg | Capacity 90kg

Weight 6,8kg | Capacity 90kg

Weight 6,8kg | Capacity 90kg



The Chillax Cool Pad is designed to keep pets cool and comfortable.


Activated buyy weight or pressure.
Pad will maintain a temperature slightly lower than the ambient for up to three to four hours of constant use.
Automatically recharges itself as pet moves about - no electricity required.
Ideal for pets bed, crate, kennel and car travel.
Perfect for dog shows and dogs prone to overheating.

Medium 40 x 50cm

Large 60 x 90cm


The Chillax Cooling Harness is ideal for hot summer days. No more overheating for pets that want to chill out!


The gel pouches are removable and will automatically re-charge after a short period of non-use - to speed up the process you can soak in ice water or even freeze (it will stiffen due to freezing but will soon become flexible).
The harness can be machine washed, but remember to remove the gel puches before placing harness in the machine.
Easy to fit with zip fastening. Will fit breeds measuring up to 56cm from the back of the neck to the base of the tail.





First Aid Kit
20.6 x 20 x 5.4cm

Collapsible Travel Bowls
14 x 18 x 2cm

Poop Bag Refills
3.2 x 6 x 3.2cm

Poop Bag Dispensers
5.5 x 14 x 5.5cm

The Chop2Bowl is an innovative pet chopping board, allowing you to fold it into a dog bowl with easy clips and secure locks. This 2-in-1 design helps dog owners to prepare food and feed their dogs. The Chop2Bowl with its soft handle allows you to easily hang it anywhere.


Chop2Bowl Grey Pattern

Chop2Bowl Navy/Red Stripes

Chop2Bowl Pink Pattern

Chop2Bowl Orange Dogs

Chop2Bowl Green Bones

Chop2Bowl Blue Dogs

Chop2Bowl Folding Step 1

Chop2Bowl Folding Step 2

Chop2Bowl Folding Step 3

Chop2Bowl Containing Water