Change my function by adding one of my many connectables
My all-in-one ergonomic design holds any dog leash and allows you to walk your dog with ease and comfort
You can customize me by adding any of my connectables
I hold everything you need to free your hands



Midnight Blue
Supreme comfort: The soft silicone grip comfortably fits hands of all sizes and eliminates sore hands and chafing commonly seen when holding leashes.
Leash carabiner: This specifically designed carabiner can hold any dog weighing up to 55kg
Freedom: The sliding and pivoting carabiner absorbs your dog’s abrupt movements, offering an amazing sense of freedom
Control: Pulling and tugging become more manageable with the patented rail sliding system
Multi-purpose Button: Use the multipurpose button for the I’m Gismo connectable
Poop Bag Dispenser: Holds one standard poop bag roll. The pull and tear design makes tearing a poop bag easy
Poop Bag Clip: Carry a used poop bag on the clip

Midnight Blue

Neon Lime Green

Neon Electric Blue

Neon Hot Pink
Soft Silicone Grip
Multi-purpose Button
Patented Rail Sliding System
Leash Carabiner
Poop Bag Dispenser
Poop Bag Clip



Midnight Blue
Compact and lightweight rechargeable flashlight connects at the top of handle.
Rechargeable flashlight also illuminates in the back for improved rear visibility and safety.
Dual mode flashlight: constantly on or blinking mode.
Multi-purpose button turns on and off flashlight.
Bright beam is 7x brighter than a standard cell phone flashlight.
USB cable included (no batteries required).



Midnight Blue
Holds two different leashes and allows you to comfortably walk two dogs in one hand.
Holds two dogs weighing up to 45kg each.
Rotates at three different points to reduce leash tangling.



Midnight Blue


Keep-fresh treat container.
No access for dogs.
Retractable doors to prevent spills.
Dishwasher friendly.


Clicker connects to the top of the handle.
Clear clicking sound.
Use multi-purpose button to “click” when using clicker.



Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue
Retractable ball thrower.
Throws tennis balls 1-3 times further than just with your hands.
Gismo’s ergonomic grip.
Rubber lock to secure carabiner’s movement.