Two dogs, zero tangle. This non-tangling retractable leash allows you to walk two dogs at the same time, while maintaining individual control of each one.


The built-in untangling mechanism does all the work for you so you can enjoy your walk without stopping to untangle leads. Both the leads and brake buttons are colour-coded, so you’ll always know exactly which dog you’re controlling. Stop just one dog, or stop them both. The struggle to hold two leashes and keep them untangled is over. It’s the smartest way to walk two dogs.


Size: 25 kilograms per dog.
Length: 3 metres per dog.
Orange and neon green leads are reflective.
One year warranty.


Our leashes are the ultimate in comfort because our soft gel handles conform to your hand, reducing hand fatigue and making walking your dog an even more enjoyable experience.


The Gel Leash is made using highest quality parts. Inside each leash is a stainless steel spring that won't rust and will keep retracting for years. Our stainless steel springs can cycle back and forth over 99,999 times. You can trust Wigzi's quality and brand reputation for years to come. Tape leads are standard. The liquid gel inside is non-toxic for the safety of you and your pet. Two year warranty.


Available in three sizes
• Small - Up to 12kg (4 metres)
• Medium - Up to 20kg (5 metres)
• Large - Up to 50kg (5 metres)


Available in three colours, namely
• Blue Splash
• Perfect Pink
• Reflective Yellow (Allows you and your pet to be seen at night due to the awesomely bright reflective panels and tape)