Unleash your cat’s hunting instincts and desire to play!


The Gigwi Melody Tube is designed for the most curious cats that cannot sit in one place and are always looking to discover something new.


The style of the toy will determine the sound. The sound chip is hidden inside the tube. The tube is always rolling, which is what makes the whole play experience more exciting and fun to watch.


Motion activated sound chip toy
Realistic animal and bug sound to catch your cat’s attention
Gigwi Melody Chaser toys make lifelike sounds after the toy has been activated.
They are designed to satisfy your cats hunting instinct and to keep it on its paws.
Remove the plastic cord to activate the toy and watch the chase begin.

Melody Chaser Owl

Melody Chaser Racoon

Bee Melody Chaser

Cricket Melody Chaser

Mouse Melody Chaser


Watch your kitty as it tosses, flips, kicks and enjoys its Gigwi catnip toy.


Using only top quality North American catnip, these toys have a special fastener, so that fresh catnip teabags can be added again and again – to last all of your cats nine lives.


Catnip is a natural, non-additive herb that encourages playful behaviour.

Rabbit Refillable Catnip

Hedgehog Refillable Catnip

Beaver Refillable Catnip


We use only top quality North American catnip, which is a natural, non-additive herb that encourages playful behaviour.


Promotes healthy exercise and fulfils a cats instinctual desire to chase, hunt and capture. It gives your cat fun and excitement allowing them to play independently when you are not around.


Unique combination of compressed catnip and feather
Stimulates playful behaviour

Catnip Johnny Stick
w/natural feather

Catnip Johnny Stick w/double side natural feather


Enjoy hours of playing together with just a flick of your hand.


Watch your cat jump and pounce like a fully grown hunter.


Gigwi Feather Teaser toys imitate playing with a real bird, bringing out your cats most instinctive reactions.

Catwand Feather Teaser w/natural feather, TPR handle

Catwand Feather Teaser w/natural feather, plush tail and TPR handle


Did you know that on average, outdoor cats spend about three and half hours each day hunting?


Interactive toys are a great way to replicate this for your indoor cat, helping to keep them physically active and mentally stimulated.


The Pet Droid Activity Mouse is motion activated to react to your cats touch. When touched the mouse will move unpredictably in different directions and then stop after a second touch. For extra fun the Gigwi Pet Droid Mouse also contains a sound chip to keep your cat interested and engaged.


The Feather Hider Pet Droid has a responsive motion sensor, allowing it to react to your cats movements to move and hide the feathers as well as playing exciting sound effects. The Gigwi Pet Droid Feather Hider can also be wall mounted for extra fun.


This motion activated sound chip Melody Tumbler toy makes lifelike sounds after the toy has been turned on. Realistic bird sounds to catch your cats attention.

Pet Droid Activity Mouse

Feather Hider Pet Droid

Wobble Feather Pet Droid


Snoozy Friendz will always take care of your pet!


Gigwi Snoozy Friendz is a specially designed line of cushions that lets your cat or dog have its own place to hide out or snuggle in. They are made with ultra-soft, high-quality plush materials and added padding for maximum comfort. Snoozy Friendz will not only become your pets favourite recharge place but also will be an irreplaceable part of your home interior.

Panda Snoozy Friendz Sleepy Cushion

Koala Snoozy Friendz Sleepy Cushion

Elephant Snoozy Friendz Sleepy Cushion

Cat Snoozy Friendz Sleepy Cushion


Similarly to other animals, cats like to be entertained.


Cats react to catnip, feathers or rattle toys.


Catnip is a natural, non-addictive herb that encourages playful behaviour in about 70% of cats.

Chipmunk Catch & Scratch w/catnip and bell