Fun cat toys which contain Silvervine, a natural attractant known to induce a very playful reaction in cats, it's even better than catnip!


Silvervine is a non-toxic plant which is grown in mountainous areas of Japan. It is known to give cats a similar euphoric response to catnip, honeysuckle and valerian but is typically more intense and lasts for approximately five to twenty minutes.


This range includes plush fur teasers for interactive fun as well as Silvervine mice and plush balls, all perfect for encouraging healthy exercise and play.

Silvervine Plush Balls 2pc

Silvervine Stuffed Animal

Silvervine Seagrass Animal

Silvervine Plush Mice 2pc

Silvervine Twitchy Teaser

Silvervine Teasin' Tail


The Natural Wild Catnip Toys are made mostly from natural materials and contain enticing catnip to leep cats interested and engaged.

Natural Wild Catnip Mice 2pc

Natural Wild Catnip Mini Mice 3pc

Natural Wild Feather Teaser

Jolly Moggy Cat Tunnel
25 x 25 x 50cm

Jolly Moggy Cheeky Mice

Jolly Moggy Vibromouse


Two fun innovative shaped cat posts creating a new dimension for your cat to play and explore. Rounded ball wrapped with jute rope and filled with catnip inside, finished off woth a lovely wooden base. A handy removable teaser toy for added fun. The lifestyle colours and materials used will complement most home decors and will look stylish in any room of the house!


NATURAL entwined jute scratcher post
STRONG and sturdy
EASY to assemble
Suitable for most cats.

Natural Cat Scratcher Parsley
H33 x D30 x W30cm

Natural Cat Scratcher Coriander
H60 x D30 x W30cm