Designed for dogs that love to chew, Petstages® ORKA chew toys are made of a durable, non-toxic, synthetic rubber, combining fun and function in one toy. By providing a dog with an appropriate chew object, owners can help reduce a dog’s boredom and destructive behavior.
* Also available in the Mini Toy range for the small breed dog.

ORKA Dental Links

ORKA Jack Chew

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ORKA Stick

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ORKA Tennis Ball


Chewing is a natural behavior in all dogs, as it helps reduce stress and can also control barking, digging or other destructive behavior. The key to embracing your dog’s natural need to chew is to offer appropriate chew objects to help satisfy and relieve chewing urges. Petstages® has developed innovative Chewing Toys designed to address chewing and dental health for each stage of your dog’s development.

Newhide (S, M & L)
NewHide is a dog chew alternative to replace your rawhide. It has none of the uncertain swelling properties of rawhide and has all of the taste of rawhide that dogs love, keeping them busy and us happy. As the New Hide dog chew is lead and phthalate free, not only is it the safer solution to rawhide but it still tastes great!
Finity Dental Chew (M & L)
The Finity Dental Chew for dogs helps clean teeth while your dog chews. Ribbed textures on all sides of the toothbrush toy help remove tartar and work as a playful way to enhance the dental health of your dog. The Finity Dental Chew is also uniquely shaped for dogs mouths and paws and comes in a fresh vanilla scent.

Durable Sticks (S, M & L)
Dogwood by Petstages is a dog chew toy that contains the natural wood flavour and texture dogs love without the side effects of splintering that real wood brings. A natural bestseller, Dogwood dog chew toys occupy as much as they satisfy and are great for busy chewers and satisfy anxious chewing habits. The best part is they are also lead and phthalate free making chew time for your dog worry-free.
Dogwood Mesquite (S, M & L)
Dogwood Mesquite is a twist on a popular pup favourite, Dogwood, and is packed with sweet mesquite flavour. Not only does Dogwood Mesquite satisfy slobbery mouths, this chew toy is more durable than any stick you find outside, and is infused with BBQ flavour that occupies and makes chew time for your dog even better! Although Dogwood Mesquite is made with irresistible barbeque flavouring, all of the flavour dogs crave will stay on the bone and off your furniture and floors making for a cleaner chew time.

Chick-a-Bone (S, M & L)
This CHICKEN LICKIN’ Chew Toy, combines natural bone meal and real chicken flavour to create a chewing combination that is hard for dogs to resist. Chick-a-Bone won’t split or splinter like natural bones. This durable dog chew creates long lasting chewing fun, and is lead & phthalate free for less worrying and more chomping.
Beyond Bone (S, M & L)
Seeing is believing and Beyond Bone is obviously better. Chewy patches on this playtime chew add interest and encourage your dog to chomp and play away. We know dogs love the taste and smell of real bones, that’s why we combined a bone meal blend into every Petstages Beyond Bone. This dog chew alternative to real bones won’t splinter during your dog’s chew time and is safer than the fragile and flakey bones.

Crunchcore (S, M & L)
Crunchcore™ is a Durable Crunching Bone that won't collapse and has a crunchy sound dogs love. With three durable layers, these toys won't lose shape or collapse.
Bully Chew (S, M & L)
All the flavour with virtually no bully stick stink! Petstages Bully Chew dog chew toy is packed with real beefy flavour and is made to keep your dog satisfied without all the smell that really bully sticks bring. Unlike traditional bully sticks, the Petstages Bully Chew is made to last! Filled with bully stick flavour and layers of chewing fun, your dog can chew longer and harder with this new and improved dog chew toy. We took out all the dangerous things you don’t want your dog chewing on like lead and phthalates so you and your dog can enjoy a better bully stick.

Bacon Dental Bone
The Petstages Bacon Dental Bone keeps chewers busy and satisfied with its mouth-watering bacon flavour that dogs can’t resist! The multiple layers of flavour keep your dog occupied and work to extend your dog’s chew time. Made for chewers and chompers alike, the Bacon Dental Bone not only tastes great keeping your dog chewing for longer but also helps clean their teeth. Lead & phthalate free.

Cool Teething Stick

Mini Dental Chew Rope

Mini Barbell Chew

Mini Chew Starter Pack

Mini Dental Chew Pack


Most dogs must spend some time alone, without their owners. Because boredom can lead to destructive behavior, it is essential that you provide your dog with appropriate toys that fight monotony and offer enticing play. To do this, Petstages® has developed a line of Playing Toys that incorporate various sounds, textures, shapes, materials and movements. These Stuffing Free toys by Petstages® allow your dogs to have tons of fun without the mess! They keep squeaking when punctured, so your pup can have hours of safe, squeaky fun!

Stuffing Free Floppy Shark

Stuffing Free Lizard

Lil Squeak Monkey

Big Squeak Gator

Latex Free Chicken


Creating a strong bond with your dog is an essential part of making him an integral part of your family. Interactive play between pet and owner is the best way to begin and solidify this process. Petstages® has developed Interacting Toys which provide thoughtful activities that will assist you in bonding with your dog at any age, while encouraging good behavior and appropriate social skills.

Sneaky Squeaky Stick
Sneaky Squeaky by Petstages lets you control the squeak! This works great for quiet and loud play times and won’t interrupt nap times, or quiet time around the house or home office. Whether you’re looking for squeaky interactive play or a quiet game of fetch, simply cover the air hole for squeaky fun and uncover the air hole for quiet play.
Sneaky Squeaky Ball
Sneaky Squeaky by Petstages lets you control the squeak! This works great for quiet and loud play times and won’t interrupt nap times, or quiet time around the house or home office. Whether you’re looking for squeaky interactive play or a quiet game of fetch, simply cover the air hole for squeaky fun and uncover the air hole for quiet play.

DuraCore Ball
Dogs love to play and we love to play with them. That’s why Petstages is building better tennis balls. The DuraCore Ball is made with a solid rubber core making it stronger and more durable than traditional tennis balls. DuraCore Balls come in a set of 3 so you and your dog can play 3 times as long!
Super Bounce Ball
Unlike traditional tennis balls, the Super Bounce Ball by Petstages bounces 2X as high for 2X the fun! Our dogs don’t just like to play, they like to play with us! That’s why Petstages is building better tennis balls like the Super Bounce Ball giving you 2X the bounce and all of the fun! Durable construction and a Super Bounce design makes this tennis ball by Petstages perfect for games of fetch at the park and hours of fun in the yard during play and exercise time with your dog.

Toss & Shake

Mini Loop Ball

Rebound Ball

Rebound Baton (Mini & Large)

Challenge Ball


There are many times in your dog’s life when the need to soothe and calm is critical. Travel, trips to the veterinarian or groomer, illness or commotion are all times when aid in calming and soothing could be beneficial. Use the Petstages® Soothing Toys to help focus and calm your puppy, adult dog and senior dog, and help provide warmth, calm and relief when needed.

Puppy Cuddle Pal