WizerChews are everything their name suggests. These chews are a safer and smarter alternative to rawhide bones, as the Latest Advancement in the chew category, WizerChews offer the same dental benefits as rawhide- but without the rawhide.


Why choose WizerChews?


Chewing is an essential basic requirement for every dog as it provides and relieves anxiety; it also supports improved Dental Hygiene as dogs that chew regularly experience less plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth whilst keeping their jaws strong and breath slightly fresher.


Many veterinarians and consumers are concerned with the potential health risks associated with dogs consuming rawhide for reasons such as digestibility and its non-nutritive composition. As WizerChews are made from wholesome vegetables and real chicken, these chews are not only safe but healthier and far more rewarding for your dog!


These chews are made using extruded grain starch and other vegetables in the place of rawhide and by combining it with irresistible dried chicken breast this encourages your dog to not only chew but consume the entire bone. When comparing the palatability of traditional rawhide chews, it comes as no surprise that the WizerChews are preferred by 9 out of 10 dogs.


Rawhide Free, Highly Digestible, Improved Dental Care, Healthy and Nutritious.



Large (15 - 16.5cm)
2pcs per bag

Medium (12.5 - 14cm)
3pcs per bag

Small (10 - 11.5cm)
4pcs per bag

Large (18 - 20cm)
3pcs per bag

Medium (15 - 16cm)
5pcs per bag

Small (9 - 10cm)
10pcs per bag

Large (17cm)
2pcs per bag

Medium (12.5cm)
3pcs per bag

Small (10cm)
4pcs per bag