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Nina Ottosson Tips and Tricks




Most of the plastic games can be used as a meat-flavoured ice cream for dogs by mixing a little canned meat or sausage pieces with water, fill all the hollows in the game, and freeze until it has solidified. The dog will then have a much appreciated, cold and refreshing activity, perfect for hot summer days, and additional activation. Note: only under strict supervision. Perfect for Dog Tornado and Dog Twister, but will also suit Dog Casino, Dog Brick and Dog Smart. ( My dogs absolutely loves this.)

Plastic games are easy to clean, which is recommended for dogs that drool or are sick, and if you have several dogs that use the games, eg kennels, day care, dog training, veterinarians and others. The wooden games are heavier and ideal to use for dogs that are rough and intense.

Set the game on a chair or stool so that the dog can only work with the nose, which can be much more difficult than working with the paws. This is also excellent if the dog is injured and not able to move around.​

Tie a string through the holes in the blocks and around the pegs to make it easier for dogs and for cats to lift the blocks/pegs away.

Use wooden or plastic blocks for a Magic Trick: put three blocks on the floor and put a treat underneath one of them while the dog is looking. Move the blocks around and let the dog show you where the treat is, if he is correct he gets the treat, if not – try again.

The wooden and plastic blocks can be used in several ways in many of the games to increase the difficulty level.  

Dogs that find it difficult to learn how to fetch, may learn easier with the help of Dog Smart wood.

The games enhance your relationship with your dog.

It’s easier for a young dog to learn commands like sit, lie down, wait, fetch etc while playing games together with his owner.

The games are great to activate older dogs that are still mentally healthy.

Fun activity indoors when you or your dog is sick or when the weather is bad.

Dogs that refuse to eat will often eat more when using the games to work for food.

The games can be used as interactive food bowls – great for dogs that eat too fast.

Test how smart or fast your dog is by competing against other dogs. Use 1, 2 or 3 different games simultaneously, depending on how good the dogs are, put a treat in each depth in each game, time how long it takes for your dog to empty the games. You can also let the dog try and find all the treats in for 2 minutes  in the level 1, 2 or 3 games, and when the time is up you count all the pieces that are left.

Hide a game in a blanket or towel and let the dog work its way in to the game.

Tie a string to a game, hide it under a sofa or chair and let the dog try to lift up the game. Very popular among dogs who love games.


Wooden games - can be cleaned by wiping the games off with a damp cloth, let them dry, and then sand the surface with a fine sandpaper. You can rub a thin layer of cooking oil on them, to make the surface a little more durable.

Plastic games - are easy to clean with water and dishwashing liquid or in the dishwasher. Rinse thoroughly so that no dish powder is left inside the toys or games.