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Collection: My Dog Luxury Plush

My Dog Luxury Plush Toys

Comfort and Fun for Every Dog

Welcome to My Dog's luxury plush toys collection, specially designed to bring joy and comfort to your furry friend. Our plush toys are perfect for puppies, rescue dogs, and those dealing with separation anxiety.

Key Features:

  • Scent-Carrying Materials: Stuff their tummies with materials that carry your scent to comfort your dog while you're away or at work.

  • Crinkle Paper & Squeaker: Each toy includes crinkle paper and a 4.5cm squeaker to keep your dog entertained.

  • Mess-Free or Fillable: Toys feature a flat tummy with Velcro closure, making them mess-free or fillable for added comfort.

  • Character Variety: Choose from three different characters to match your dog’s unique personality and character traits.

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