Outward Hound Tyre Ball
Outward Hound Tyre Ball

Outward Hound Tyre Ball

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Made with an unpredictable bouncing pattern and durable tyre texture, the Tyre Ball combines the toughness of tires with the bounce of tennis balls for a new way for your dog to play fetch and chew.
  • UNPREDICTABLE BOUNCE: With a unique shape and weighted tyre center, there’s no telling where this ball will bounce to next keeping your dog off the couch and on their toes each time they play.
  •  BYE BYE BORING BALLS: Built with a durable tyre centre and tough tennis ball ends, this ball is as fun to chew as it is to fetch.
  •  SQUEAKING CENTRE: Tough tire material lines the centre of this ball and a loud squeaker activates each time your dog chews on it adding more fun and sound to play and fetch!