Petstages Cat Toy Play Set
Petstages Cat Toy Play Set

Petstages Cat Toy Play Set

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Feather Toucan

Petstages cat toys are the puurfect way for your curious cat to get the mental and physical exercise they need to stay healthy and engaged. Kitty will escape to her own tropical paradise as she plays with this 100% Catnip Filled Feather Toucan. Colorful feathers excite and intrigue kitty to bat, pounce and stalk this tropical toy. 

  • 100% Catnip Filled
  • No Stuffing, No Fillers
  • Addresses Cats’ Physical Needs and Instincts
  • Encourages Cats' Natural Hiding Instincts
  • Lightweight to Bat, Chase and Carry
  • Puurfect for Playtime

Scooting Mouse

Your kitty will love chasing this fun, scooting toy! Pull the tail and watch it shuffle across the floor. Scooting Mouse by Petstages® satisfies your cat’s hunting and chasing instincts.

  • Toy scoots across floor as kitty chases
  • Crinkle in ears adds interest
  • Fun to chase, pounce, and toss