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The Best Chew Toys for Dogs

The Best Chew Toys for Dogs

Gretchen Shephard 04/16/2020

Dogs need to chew, but you definitely don’t want them to chew on your new shoes. That’s where the best chew toys for dogs come in. 

Plush toys, rope toys, and tennis balls aren’t designed for chewing activity. Dog owners need to find long-lasting toys that are specifically designed to safely grind against your dog’s tough teeth.

The following best dog toys for chewing will occupy your pup and help upkeep clean teeth without dangerous splintering that’s characteristic of real bones, elk antlers, and sticks. 

All of these dog and puppy chew toys are made with real wood to provide the aroma of outdoor adventure that dogs crave. They’re also bully stick and rawhide-free, which is safer for your dog’s digestive system. 

Excite and distract your furry friend with a chewing experience they won’t forget while also helping to improve their dental health.

Why is chewing important for your pup?

Chewing is natural for dogs and improves your doggie’s dental health. Chewing on dog bones and other dog chew toys naturally cleans dogs’ mouths as the ridges and textures massage their gums. 

It’s especially important for teething puppies who need to chew in order to relieve their tender gums as their adult teeth come in. Gnawing on something chewy also scrapes off unwanted tartar and plaque to help keep your pup’s mouth happy and healthy. 

Not only is chewing necessary for your pup’s mouth, but also for their brain by providing mental stimulation. We know dogs come in all sizes and shapes from large breeds to small dogs, and that is why we have so many options for you to decide what fits your pup the best.

The Best Chew Toys for Dogs & Puppies

When picking out chews for dogs or puppies, be sure to evaluate their chewing level. Are they aggressive chewers or gentle gnawers? 

You’ll want to find a long-lasting chew toy with enough durability to outlast all that chomping.

There are a lot of options out there from classic dog toys that are gentler on teeth to heavy-duty, extra-durable dog toys for aggressive chewers that can help remove tartar build-up. 

Some chews are bones, some are edible chews, some come with bristles or squeakers for interactive squeaky chewing, some are minty dental chews, and some natural dog chews even come filled with peanut butter, chicken flavour, or bacon flavour! 

Here’s a general guide to dog chew toys and how to choose the right size, shape, and flavour for your dog’s teeth.

Dogwood Regular and Mesquite

Shaped like the stick your pup has been begging to bring inside, all Dogwood sticks offer real wood flavour without the mess and blockage/choking hazard that chewing real sticks can cause.

One of our best dog chews, the original Dogwood sticks offer unbeatable natural flavour dogs can’t resist. 

Looking to branch out? Try the Mesquite Barbecue flavour that will have neighbour dogs jumping the fence for the neighbourwoof BBQ.

Petstages Dogwood Durable Sticks are a safe and long lasting alternative to chewing real wood sticks, Petstages Dogwood product line have all the taste and texture of a natural tree branch, but will last much longer and won’t splinter and cause potential harm to your beloved pup. Made in the U.S.A. to ensure quality and care, Dogwood combines real wood with lead-free and phthalate-free synthetic strength, making it a chew toy favorite…

Dogwood Fresh Breath 2-Pack

Is your dog’s breath bothering you? Do all those licks need a minty twist? 

This oral health 2-pack offers the original Dogwood and Dogwood Breath flavour made of the same great material, plus mint. Your pup is basically brushing their teeth as they chew on this fresh new scent. 

Available in Large for all your bigger furry friends. Comes in a 2-pack for multi-pet households!


Dogwood Puppy 2-Pack

Getting a puppy soon and looking for the best puppy toys for chewing? Or do you have a small dog that loves to chew? 

This two-pack is great because while your pup can chew on the faux stick, they can also test out our Orka rubber chew toy material that is softer for dogs or puppies with sensitive teeth. It’s a great value pack!


Interactive Dog Toy for Chewing: Dogwood Flip & Chew

The Flip & Chew is a safer alternative to raw bones, beef bones, and the like. This ergonamically shaped chew allows dogs to hold the bone in between their paws with minimal effort. Both ends have a unique pattern to chew and a hole for carrying, so let your pup do the flipping! 

This bone is a medium size, so best suited for medium to large dogs.

Happier Chewing = Healthier Dogs

No matter the size and shape of your dog, there is a perfect size chew toy for them whether you use a Dogwood, Chic

Giving your pup a “job” to do during playtime will make them happier and healthier in every activity they do (especially if dog treats and dog food are involved).

Keep their mouths active and clean by providing the right dog chews and toys that will benefit them. Remember, mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise! 

Our dog chews, squeaky toys, and interactive dog toys can be found on our website, online stores, or your local pet or vet store.