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Don't force your dog to walk next you on a taut leash, like a police dog! They are family members who deserve to enjoy the walk experience as much as you do.👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
Let them drift away to sniff - it's like us browsing the net or reading a great book that engages us mentally. Let them find interesting scents in new places and read 'pee mails'...🐕
Let them drift away to roll in interesting smells - rolling in stinky stuff is instinctual. They can bath later...💧
Let them stare for a short time at random strangers, dogs and objects. We do it all the time. Maybe they are admiring another dog's harness...who knows...💁‍♀️
Walk them in the rain so that they can enjoy the feel of soft rain drops on their heads. Walk them in the sunshine so that they can enjoy the touch of summer on their backs...🌧🌞
Let them take slow walks, explore and enjoy sniffaris. Let them enjoy the sights, sounds and the smells of their environment. Let them relax. Let them enjoy. Let them be...🌸🕷🌿🐞🐝🐸🐾🐈🐕
Their lives are short. Let them enjoy every moment of their walk with you...
Note - this is a general post and not meant to cover how we achieve these outcomes with reactive dogs or dogs with other behaviourial issues. There are other ways to provide this enrichment to these dogs - please get the assistance of an accredited, force-free behaviourist if your dog has behaviour issues. All walking should be on a loose, long lead for safety and legal reasons.
Article by Koven Moodley - Smart Pet Behaviour