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Collection: Cat Carriers & Accessories

Pet carriers are used for the transportation of small domestic animals like cats, small dogs, rabbits, ferrets and birds. 

Pet carriers can be made from a variety of materials including canvas, hard plastic or wire mesh and will incorporate specific features unique to their design and intended purpose such as handles or straps, front or top openers etc. 

The styles available in the market cater for a range of preferences and uses. This is determined by the type of pet as well as the size and weight that need to be accommodated. There are also different types depending on the use – will the carrier’s function be mainly to take the pet to the vet, or will it be used at pet shows or as a training aid to assist with potty training puppies. There are different types and styles of pet carriers available, according to one’s specific needs, such as for when travelling by airplane or car and for a pet’s species, weight, and size.

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