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Gateway IATA Transport Carrier / Kennel
Gateway IATA Transport Carrier / Kennel
Gateway IATA Transport Carrier / Kennel
Gateway IATA Transport Carrier / Kennel
Gateway IATA Transport Carrier / Kennel

Gateway IATA Transport Carrier / Kennel

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Want to fly safely with your pet? Looking for a solid IATA compliant transport cage? Require comfort and safety for yourself and your pet? We have the answers to all your questions. Our Gateway offers many advantages so you and your pet can fly with peace of mind.

Travel Safe & Secure

  • IATA regulated, ready for take-off.
  • Safe, sturdy and easy assembly with delivered nuts and bolts.
  • Holes on every corner to attach zip-ties.
  • Ventilation openings are nose and paw proof. 
  • Steel front door with metal-enclosed latch for secure containment.
  • Wheels on the Gateway Giant and Jumbo are removable.
  • Feeding or watering bowl can be attached to the product.
  • Kennel can be labelled with airline required stickers and certifications.

Kennel training is crucial for your pet. We recommend starting with kennel training at least 8-weeks before your travel.

    Experience Comfort

    • Continuous 360º fresh airflow. 
    • Front handle for easy manoeuvrability.
    • Built-in side handles for lifting the kennel easily.
    • Gateway Giant and Jumbo comes with a set of wheels.
    • Rounded and smooth inside, with a seamless base to prevent leaks.
    • Bolts are designed for professional screwdrivers.
    • Elevated bottom keeps your pet dry in case of an accident.
    • Easy to clean with warm soapy water.

    Measure Your Dog

    Grab your measuring tape! Have your dog stand.
    A: Measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail.
    B: Measure from the top of the shoulders until the floor. 
    C: Measure the width from shoulder to shoulder.
    D: Measure from the top of the head until the floor.






    Find the Perfect Size

    Use your dog measurements to find the perfect Gateway kennel:

    A + 1/2 B: The length equals your dogs A measurement + 1/2 B measurement.
    2 x C: The width should be twice the measurements from shoulder to shoulder.
    D: The height should be at least the same as the height of your dog.

    Tip: Leave enough room for your dog to stand up and turnaround.

    To top it off, our kennel is made with +98% Recycled Plastic. Which leaves you with the simple task of choosing the right Gateway size!

    Three sizes available:

    Large: L 71 x W 52 x H 54.5 cm

    Jumbo: L 91.4 x W 63.5 x H 68.6 cm

    Giant: L 100 x W 66.5 x H 80 cm