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Collection: Kit Cat Goat Milk Gourmet

Kit Cat Goat Milk Gourmet

Grain Free / Complimentary Diet / Taurine Added / All Life Stages

Packed with unique nutritional benefits, goat milk makes a healthy addition to your cat’s balanced food diet.

Goat milk is a nutrient dense food that offers probiotics for gut and digestive health and supports hydration for your cat.

Kit Cat Goat’s Milk Gourmet is a protein rich recipe, using selected quality deboned, skinless chicken and fish. Each portion is completely free of grains and gluten and features goat’s milk which acts as a metabolic agent, boosting absorption and utilisation of vitamins and minerals, while reducing intestinal inflammation and boosting the immune system.

Make mealtime even more delightful with this protein-centred recipe that your cat and kitten will love, supplemented with Goat’s milk which is purrfect even for picky eaters.

  • Perfect for cats who have sensitive stomachs and suffer from any number of digestive issues.
  • Helps maintain a proper pH balance in the body.
  • Goat milk contains both anti-mucous and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Super Immune Booster.
  • By virtue of the sheer amount of vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and fatty acids, the overall health of your pet is greatly enhanced when goat milk is supplemented.

    Feeding Instructions:
    To be served at room temperature.
    Always provide fresh clean water.
    Refrigerate any unused portions.

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