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Collection: Outward Hound Squeaker Toys

For many pups, squeaky toys are the crème de la crème

Why do dogs like squeaky toys so much? Turns out, it’s more than just fun and games. It's a primal, natural dog behaviour!

When a toy squeaks every time your dog chomps down on it, their natural prey and hunting instincts kick in—they’ve got an injured small animal in their jaws and it’s their job to finish it off. Squeak! Squeak! Growl. Shake. Squeak …

Once they’ve managed to remove and decommission the squeaker from the dog toy, well … triumph! Prey destroyed. Prey drive satiated. It’s a good reminder that our loveable fluffy life partners are direct descendants of the wolf—a mighty carnivorous predator.

Does your doggy live to squeak? Every dog needs multiple types of toys for entertainment. Outward Hound have some unique, must-have squeaky toys to add to their toy assortment.

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