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Deluxe Claw Trimmers
Deluxe Claw Trimmers

Deluxe Claw Trimmers

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Keeping your small pets nails trimmed is essential for their overall health. If their nails grow too long, they could break or splinter. Long nails can also curl back and grow into the paw pad, which causes pain to your pet. However, regular trips to the vet are expensive and most pet owners prefer to trim their pets nails at home. Choosing safe and comfortable claw trimmers is important because small pets don't enjoy having their nails trimmed. With Rosewood Options Deluxe Claw Trimmers, you don't have to worry about cutting into their lovely pets sensitive nail bed and causing them pain.

Made of the finest quality materials, these pet nail trimmers are durable, strong, and long-lasting. Although they are ideally sized for smaller pets and smaller hands, they are good in larger hands too. The blades of these pet claw clippers are sharp enough to clip off slivers of the claw or trim across in one neat cut. This pet nail trimmer is designed with comfort grip handles, so they are easier to control for accurate clipping.

This pet claw trimmer features rounded tips to make it easy to use and safe for your pet. These small animals supplies are essential for managing unkempt nails and to prevent health problems. Though durable, the Rosewood Options Deluxe Claw Trimmers are not indestructible. You are advised to stop using these small pet supplies, if you see any signs of damage, for your pets safety. Also, you should be careful while trimming your pets nails as they might panic during the process.

Product Dimensions: 25 (D) x 10 (W) x 2 (H)

Product Benefits

  • Features rounded tips for extra safety
  • Designed with comfort grip handles
  • Ideally sized for smaller pets