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Naturals Apple Orchard
Naturals Apple Orchard

Naturals Apple Orchard

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A delicious blend of crunchy, leafy and fruity ingredients, our Rosewood NATURALS Apple Orchard tastes amazing and helps to keep your pet busy and satisfied.

Offering a variety of different textures to interest your pet and keep them occupied, Rosewood NATURALS Apple Orchard can help to prevent boredom and encourage natural foraging. It’s perfect for scattering around the home to add interest and contains an irresistible mix of natural, gnawable apple wood sticks, tasty apple fruit and crisp blackberry leaves and stems. High in fibre, it helps to support healthy digestion and contains no artificial nasties – just 3 natural, great-tasting and nutritious ingredients.

  • A delicious blend of apple wood, apple slices and blackberry leaves
  • Provides a variety of textures to keep your pet interested
  • High in natural fibre and nutrients, including key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Supports good health, while keeping your pet busy
  • Can help to prevent boredom
  • Perfect for scattering around the home to encourage natural foraging and activity
  • Crunchy, leafy and fruity – all in one blend!

Composition: Dried Apple Wood 50%, Dried Apple Slices 30%, Dried Blackberry Leaves and Stems 20%

  • Pack Size: 75g 
  • Treats are suitable for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets