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Replacement Bone 5 Pk
Replacement Bone 5 Pk
Replacement Bone 5 Pk

Replacement Bone 5 Pk

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IntroducingĀ Bone Replacements for Nina Ottosson Dog Games ā€“ the perfect solution for enhancing your dog's interactive playtime!

šŸ¦“ For Nina Ottosson Games: These bone pieces are specially designed for replacing lost or damaged bones from the Dog Brick, Dog Smart, and Dog Tornado games.

šŸ¦“ Keep Your Pup Puzzling: Elevate the challenge by placing these extra bones over treat compartments in Nina Ottosson's games, turning ordinary play into an engaging puzzle experience for your pup.

šŸ¦“ Great for Mental Stimulation: Designed to fit over treat compartments, these bones add an extra layer of complexity to Nina Ottosson's Dog Brick, Dog Smart, or Dog Tornado games, testing your dog's problem-solving skills.

šŸ¦“ Up the Challenge: Take it a step further! Hide treats under the extra bones to create additional layers in your dog's puzzle game, providing even more mental stimulation and excitement.

šŸ¦“ Play It Safe: Remember, no toy parts are indestructible. For your pet's safety, never leave parts with unsupervised pets, and promptly remove and replace any damaged components.

Elevate your dog's playtime with Bone Replacements for Nina Ottosson Dog Games ā€“ because a happy and stimulated pup is a healthy pup!