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Rosewood Carrot Play Patch

Rosewood Carrot Play Patch

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Guinea pig and rabbit toys have come a long way and what a delightful vegetable patch this Rosewood Carrot Play Patch could be for your hutch.

It provides a challenge for your pet and will withstand gnawing, scratching or pulling, made from corn, wood and sisal. It is an excellent boredom breaker and pets are always happier when occupied.

With this fun toy, you'll be contributing to their happiness and overall wellbeing.

  • The original and best! a fun chew and scratch toy
  • Can your bunny remove the carrot from the seagrass and corn leaf field!
  • Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs and rats
  • Made with pet-safe dyes and non-toxic glue
  • 25cm x 15cm