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Rosewood Snuggles Tough 'N' Mucky Bed
Rosewood Snuggles Tough 'N' Mucky Bed

Rosewood Snuggles Tough 'N' Mucky Bed

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Rosewood Snuggles Tough 'N' Mucky Bed: Durable and Hygienic Resting Spot for Small Pets

Just because pets are small, it doesn't mean their needs aren't the same as dogs or cats.

  • Durable & Hard-Wearing Design: Specifically crafted for dwarf rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs, featuring a durable outer fabric that withstands daily wear and tear.
  • Water & Urine Resistant: Coated inside to prevent urine and water from reaching the filling, ideal for pets prone to accidents.
  • Spacious & Comfortable: External dimensions of 41 x 32 x 11cm provide ample space for small pets to stretch out and relax.
  • Easy Hand/Spot Cleaning: Designed for hand or spot cleaning only, making maintenance quick and efficient.
  • Practical & Functional: Offers a practical and functional solution for pet owners seeking a durable and resistant bed for their pets, ensuring comfort and well-being while minimizing maintenance.

Give your dwarf rabbits, ferrets, or guinea pigs a comfortable and hygienic resting space with the Rosewood Snuggles Tough 'N' Mucky Bed, designed to meet their needs for durability, cleanliness, and comfort.