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Whimzees Variety Value Tub Small 56pc
Whimzees Variety Value Tub Small 56pc

Whimzees Variety Value Tub Small 56pc

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Variety Value Tub

Daily Dental Care

Did you know that 80% of dogs have signs of dental health issues by the age of three? This is why daily dental care is important for all dogs. You brush your teeth every day and so should your dog. The easiest is to give Whimzees every day.

Providing daily dental care does more than help fight bad breath, it helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

80 % more effective than leading competitors

WHIMZEES dental dog chews are at least
80% more efficient in removing plaque
than leading competitors!

(*Based on research of an independent kennel - January 2017.)

Triple Care for healthy teeth & gums
In a one month study* the following effects where visible:
  • 62% less tartar built up
  • 31% less plaque accumulation
  • 43% improvement in breath odour.

3 x longer chew time 3 x more fun

Brushing teeth longer = cleaner teeth.

The carefully chosen ingredients and patented high tech production process of WHIMZEES deliver a firmer dental chew. This firmer texture promotes a longer chew time for increased cleaning time as well as naturally helping to polish your dog’s teeth while chewing.